1-Hour Consultation Call

1-Hour Consultation Call

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Sometimes, all you need to get a clear direction towards your writing goals is to talk to an expert. I'm only one call away!

It's me, Jonah.  And yes, I'm a REAL PERSON you can talk to about your struggles. I made myself available for online consultations for these three reasons:

1. You want answers relevant to your situation.

You may have a specific problem or goal that you want to achieve. It may be choosing between two niches, marketing an e-book, or writing content for your online course. You want direct answers through a conversation, and watching a video course won't do the job. 

2.  You know that you need to talk to someone ahead of your game. 

But the only time you can reach influencers nowadays is through the limited question and answer part of a public seminar.  I'll make myself available to listen to you in a one-on-one setting to share tips for an entire hour.

3.  You need support and accountability.

When I was starting, one-on-one coaching sessions with business and freelancing experts helped me. If you've been implementing plans on your own for the last few years, it may be time to rethink your strategy.​

Our consultation call is my way of giving back to beginners who are still confused about creating profitable content for their business. When I was starting, one-on-one coaching sessions with business and freelancing experts helped me.  If you've been implementing plans on your own for the last few years, it may be time to rethink your strategy.​

We can chat about these conversation topics:

Creating Online Courses and Virtual Training Programs

Are you shifting from traditional workshops to digital courses? I can give you some tips and give you a road map to get started.

Content Marketing and Fundraising

I have eight years of experience in direct marketing and for nonprofits. I'll share with you how content marketing can be a less costly alternative in raising funds.

Ebook Writing

Want to boost your credibility or earn a side income by creating an ebook? Need someone you can share your ideas with? I'm here to help!

Freelance Writing

Do you have specific questions to help accelerate your freelance writing career? Share your list with me, and I'll point you out to resources or tools you can use.

***** Note that the consultation call duration is one-hour only. If you need in-depth one-on-one coaching, please ask for possible programs we can offer. Email sales@writinghacksacademy.com.

Here's What My Consultation Call Clients Have to Say

"I like the accountability factor that comes with the consultation call."

Co-Founder, Shoot Practical Video Photography School


"Thanks, Jonah, for this amazing strategy call. You gave me confidence in my chosen niche. You gave me a clearer vision of what values I want to share with our " Kababayan."

​Financial Coach


"Jonah's advice was constructive, and it gave me clarity regarding the revision of my ebook title. She knows what she's doing. I highly recommend her service; it's all worth your time and money."

​Online Entrepreneur & Affiliate Marketer

"Jonah Chipeco taught me how to implement and facilitate virtual training on employability skills. Her insights played a big part in the success of our online program."

Learning Coordinator, Children International

"Jonah's shared some of the best insights from her 8-year experience helping top global foundations. She opened my eyes to a new reality, the backbone on how foundations are managed, the fundraising plans, executions, and donor management. I am currently adding the tips I picked up in our conversation in our day to day operations. I am looking forward to more sessions and hope we fine-tune our organization to become world-class."


Founder, Aklat Foundation

Consultation Call Mechanics

1. Settle your payment.

Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON and choose your preferred mode of payment. PayPal and bank deposit options are accepted. Send a screenshot of your transaction slip to sales@writinghacksacademy.com using the subject CONSULTATION CALL. 

2. Book your appointment.

My assistant will reply to your email within 48 hours with an online booking link so you can view my available schedules for the call.

3. Join the online call.
I'm using Zoom as an online meeting software for our call. This requires you have at least a 5MBPS internet connection. Our session will be recorded so you can review it in the future.

Other Guidelines:
  • We can chat in Filipino or English.
  • Your purchase is non-refundable. If you missed your first appointment, you can rebook another slot.
  • Purchase is valid within 30-days only.
  • You can adjust your order quantity if you need an extra hour to discuss your agenda.