JC Premiere Online Franchise: Income Stream for Content Creators

If you’re a blogger or content creator, one way to earn from the videos or articles you publish is to introduce products or services among your readers. 

Introducing your readers to the JC Premiere Online Franchise is an option you can consider if you’re into any of the following niches:

  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Wellness
  • Food
  • Business

What does it mean to have your own JC Premiere Online Franchise?

Being a JC Premiere Online Franchisee means you can operate your business from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to manage a physical store, no need to purchase or stock up inventories, and no need to fulfill orders.

How does JC Premiere Online Franchise work?

It’s easy to become an online franchisee:

  1. Publish content online. 
  2. Post your shop links.
  3. Receive commissions for every successful order.

JC Premiere’s Customer Service Department will take care of shipping and order fulfillment for you.

Calvit-C Steps to Earn

The mechanics are the same as traditional sellers on Shopee or Lazada would call “reseller.” Digital marketing practitioners would also call it “affiliate marketing.” You'll have access to digital assets like images, videos, and product copy you can post online. JC Premiere will be able to track buyers among your customers through a custom shop link.

Digital business such s the JC Premiere Online Franchise is adaptable to new normal guidelines. You can receive commissions from purchases even during Enhanced Community Quarantine in Metro Manila or anywhere in the Philippines.

JC Premiere Online Franchise Enhanced Community Quarantine ECQ Business

What are the requirements to own a JC Premiere Online Franchise Business?

All it takes is an internet connection and a smartphone or personal computer to promote the products. I’m sure that if you’re already promoting content on your blog or have a YouTube channel, promoting products will be easier for you.

How much does a JP Premiere Online Franchise cost?

It takes Php17,888 to sign up for a Philippine account or P22,888 for an International account as of writing this web page. So yes, you can be a franchisee whether you’re based in the Philippines and abroad. 

The fee includes a lifetime contract to sell all products from the JC Premiere Worldwide brand.

What brands are included in the franchise?

As a JC Premiere Online Franchisee, you have access to media resources to promote the following brands:

Food Business

  1. Siomai King
  2. Boy Bondat
  3. Mang Boks

Health and Wellness

  1. Calvit-C
  2. Organic Brrley
  3. Good Leaf
  4. KPads

Pandemic Essentials

  1. Copper Mask
  2. Copper UV
  3. Ninja Ions

Delivery Service and Online Shopping

  1. Toktok
  2. Toktok Mall
JC Premiere Online Franchise Brands

Is JC Premiere Online Franchise legit?

Yes, JC Premiere Online is legit. The business has been operating since 2006. 

JC Worldwide Franchise Inc. was founded in 2006 by two young entrepreneurs Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang Jr. The two childhood friends recognized the market potential of food franchising and explored its many aspects. Thus, what started out as an idea to franchise came the realization that establishing their own franchising company was the more viable path to take.

Yes, JC Premiere Online Franchise is legit. The founders have received awards and recognition for their accomplishments.

Watch: JC Premiere Online Global Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020 
Source: JC Premiere Franchise YouTube Channel
Watch: Rated K Feature August 2021
Source: JC Premiere Facebook Page

Yes, JC Premiere Online Franchise is Legit. It has helped franchisees earn income through commissions.

Join our business presentation webinar to view testimonials from online franchisees around the globe.

How can I request for an orientation to join JC Premiere as an online franchisee?

I can send you an invitation to join a presentation for interested JC Premiere Online Franchisees. No commitment is required from your end yet. You can participate in a Zoom webinar and ask your questions there.

Message my Facebook Page Healthy and Blessed to inquire about the schedule or email me at hi@jonahchipeco.com and use the subject Online Franchise Webinar Request with your full name and link to Facebook Messenger, if any.

You need a “sponsor” to join the webinar, and I will be your sponsor with the code SA_Jonah Chipeco.