Love is like a cloak that we should wear every day. 

We often look for warmth from another person—perhaps through receiving a smile, a like on your Facebook post, or a hand holding yours. It eases our inner coldness from a day spent in toil, going through boredom, or finishing a routine. 

But sometimes, we get frustrated when we don’t get a response from the person we’re expecting that greeting, that affirmation, that kiss. 

Your disappointment may come from your neighbor, co-worker, family, friend, or beloved. 

Just love anyway.

Initiate to say hi to your neighbor. Call your family or start a conversation with your colleague over lunch. Like your friend’s new profile photo on Instagram. Hold your beloved’s hand. 

Do these not for the sake of getting but for the sake of loving—because, in reality, this is how companionship, friendship, and deeper relationships start.

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