The Collected Creative

  • To Know Her is to Love Her

    “How can you say you love someone when you have stopped trying to know about him? There is always something more to learn about a person, even about God. There is always something to ask.”
  • To Trust Him is to Love Him

    Trust is needed not just in the presence of your guide but in absence of control, not just in embracing but also in letting go.
  • Missing Out Because You’re Single?

     Each of us has the capacity and freedom to express, give, and receive love because it’s how we were designed after all.
  • Warmth

    Companionship, friendship, and deeper relationships start when you give love.
  • When Love Becomes A Choice

    How much do you invest yourself in your passions or people important to you? Has there been a way for you to connect yourself with people that you love? Do you still have time for love?