Missing Out Because You’re Single?

Making time for your passions despite your busy schedule will make you a better person. We spend time, money, and effort on the things we love and value. 

If I asked you how your week is, would you give me a detailed account of your work, the deadlines you failed to meet, or how much income you brought to the company? I will not judge you if you are really focused on your job. I will celebrate and empathize with you.

But I will gently remind you that your troubles at work will eventually be forgotten. What people will remember more are the times you spent with them – when you went out for lunch with your co-worker or comforted your office bestie after she had a breakup.

Keeping friendships and reaching out to people will bring happiness at the end of the day.

I used to believe that I have no space for love and relationships because of issues such as being a female manager.  People say that guys get intimidated by me, my standards are too high, and it will be hard for me to find love.

I almost accepted these words but I have been freed. Sometimes we are enslaved by the word love by associating it with a grand gesture that happens romantically with a pair. But when you let go of your own concerns to listen to someone, that is expressing love. 

When you share with the poor and expect nothing in return, that is giving love. 

When you patiently accept a rebuke without anger, that is receiving love. 

When you forgive yourself from a past mistake, that is love. 

When you pursue a hobby and make time for it daily, isn't that done out of love, too?

Love is said to be a choice because it requires action and is not a passive result. We can choose to love every day. You don’t need to wait for a partner to make it happen.

Looking back at how I spent my single life, I’ve been sociable and met people through events and common friends. I wasn’t searching for someone with superior qualities but I had to set criteria and understand my preferences.   I considered relationships and dating as a learning experience and adventure.

Sometimes it just takes many shots to capture a beautiful photograph.  But when you fall in love with the subject and find it amazing, there’s really not much work to be done. Every angle will seem perfect to you.  Just take that shot, enjoy yourself, and appreciate the view.

Don’t feel that you’re missing out just because you’re single.  Each of us has the capacity and freedom to express, give, and receive love because it’s how we were designed after all.


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