How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Frustrated and don’t know what to write?

You may be familiar with the phrase “writer’s block”. It happens when you experience having a hard time starting your document because you simply don’t know what to write.

Yes, the topic is given. But how you write the message and the exact words are up to you.

Let me share a scenario. Did your boss give you a writing task but you didn’t know what details you need to write effectively? Were you asked to write a memo then realized you didn’t have the complete information when to start your draft?

The chances of getting a frostbite and not submitting your work on time will be higher if you don’t have the basic information.

Wait, have you ever thought of asking when the deadline is? Some managers forget to mention that. You may be expected to send an email in an hour but worked slowly assuming it’s for tomorrow.

If you have been going through the same experience repeatedly, the good news is a little guide can make writing easier for you. Here’s how you can overcome your writer’s block:

Get the list of questions you need to cover.

This step is part of the prewriting process. Answer the basic 5W’s and 1H questions to be able to form your message easily.

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What is your message?
  3. Where will you get the content of your document?
  4. When is the deadline? When do you need to send it out?
  5. Why are you writing? What purpose would you like to achieve?
  6. How will you forward it out to the recipients?

Simple, right? When you have these questions covered, you will have a clearer direction when you write.    Structuring your content will be much easier.

Writing these answers on a piece of paper or typing them on your laptop screen will also serve as your warm up to get ideas flowing.

Let me share some more tips I read from and

Start anywhere. Forget about writing your introductory paragraph first. Write with bullet points or you can even do a mind map. Once you jot down the part that’s coming naturally to you, the rest will start to flow.

Create a deadline or set a timer. Setting a timeline pushes yourself to complete the task than procrastinating. You can even use a timer and just write until your work assignment is finished.

Research resources or a template. Sometimes, nothing’s coming out on your paper or laptop screen because you don’t really know enough about your topic. If that’s the case, do a bit more research and then return to writing.

Look for an inspiring place to write.  Make a list of places you can go to and concentrate or seek inspiration before you even start to write. It may be the local park, coffee shop—anywhere you can reach in a reasonable amount of time. Whether people-watching or alone-time is your goal, you should list a variety of places that might jumpstart your imagination when you’re in a tough spot creatively.

What tips can you hare about how to overcome your writer’s block?  Comment below and I’ll be excited to read your thoughts.

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