Brand Building Tips From Brad Geiser: What Makes a Powerful Brand

Do you want your co-workers and clients to remember your contribution even when you’re no longer with an organization?  Do you want to be recognized for who you are and not just what you do?

Learning personal branding could be for you.

I became interested in branding strategies when I shifted from being an employee to a full-time entrepreneur.  Since 2015, I joined live seminars and signed up for courses on brand building to get myself immersed.

Aside from studying it to market my business, I knew that personal branding will help people remember me and approach me for what I can help them with.

I like to highlight the importance of having a personal brand by mentioning Christian missionaries going to another country to preach the gospel as an example.  It’s not enough for people to remember them as a religious preacher. They need to build an identity outside their mission so that people can relate and identify with them.

Being a follower of Christ is just one aspect of who they are.  What they say, their behavior, values and how it reflects in their work determines if people will approach them for their needs and listen to them.  And these elements need intentional effort to be effective.

The importance of branding is also relevant to your career or business.  Your brand, regardless of your message, is whatever people think and say about you. How your boss, potential employer, and customers perceive you will determine if they will want to partner with you or not.

These perceptions about your brand are brought about by everything you communicate – the way you dress, the tone of your writing on social media, the words you use when speaking, the people you surround yourself with, your behavior, and many others.  Perceptions create responses toward you just as thoughts shape actions.

This is why organizations have brand managers on board to shape the identity and experience they provide.  Individual products are also being branded.  This is what helps you choose between a Belo Essential soap and or a Kojic bar. Or getting fried chicken from Jollibee or Mc Donalds.

My vote is obvious.  

I suddenly became hungry… but the chicken can wait.

If you’re now convinced that branding is relevant to you, your next possible question could be how to build your brand.  I won’t answer that through this blog post yet.  But I’d like to discuss about what strong brands have according to Brad Geiser, co-founder of leading PR agency, Geiser Maclang.

I won’t answer that through this blog post yet.  But I’d like to discuss what strong brands have according to Brad Geiser, co-founder of leading PR agency, Geiser Maclang.

I recently joined Brad Geiser’s talk “How to Build a Powerful Brand from Nothing” where he shared tips on brand building.  Here’s what I learned from him about characteristics of a strong brand including some of my insights.

Easy Recall

When starting your business, the name of your organization or product label should be easily remembered and recognizable.  Visibility among your target market will also increase your brand recall.  Being present on social media is one way to do that.

“Today’s brands are social. They don’t just sit on department stores.”-Brad Geiser


Distinct and Desirable

What makes you unique and set apart from other people or companies out there?  How are you relevant to the segment of population that you serve?

“Your inner belief and your truth about what matters will help your brand succeed.” -Brad Geiser


Owned and Experienced

Discovering how you can stand out from a crowd as a person or business is a journey. A great part of learning what makes you unique is letting others experience your brand.

Your friends, staff, customers may give you an idea of who you are and what you do best based on the memories you had with them.


I appreciate the talk organized by Geiser Maclang because knowing the people behind their company helped me experienced their brand.

Amor Maclang described Geiser as a generous guru and how he made time to share his knowledge and answered participants questions reflected that.

If you want to hear more from Brad Geiser, Geiser Maclang and Acceler8 Coworking is organizing its second series under Upstart Marketing & Business Development Academy, “How to Design a Killer Marketing Strategy” on October 2.  Learn more about the event and get your tickets here.

I created a free basic branding PDF here on the website, too.  Feel free to download it as your guide to create your personal or business brand.

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