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You may have this impression that writing an effective business correspondence requires skills and years of practice. While it is true that business writing would be easier as you write more documents, this idea can bring fears to professionals and employees who are just starting out or shifting to an office-based career.

What’s the best way to start a sales letter? 
Did I compose my email right? 
Should I use the memo template available in the office? 
Did I get my message across?
How do I proofread my own document?

The questions in your head could have hampered you from taking a writing job or creating your first draft. But you need to get your job done fast.

How will you deal with this without having someone to correct your work? You don’t want your boss to be doing all the proofreading, right?

In my experience holding business writing seminars among professionals from various industries, almost all my students would rate their writing skills lower than their actual capabilities. In general, they think that they aren’t doing well.

However, when I check each of their work, I can identify only two or three patterns in their writing which makes it ineffective.

If someone would only pinpoint repeated mistakes in his or her output, they can actually write better in an instant!

This book will help you recognize common mistakes in business writing and equip you to act as your own proofreader. I organized it as simple as possible to cover the basic style guide in business writing. I consolidated them in bite-sized pieces for you to easily digest and apply.

You can read this book as many times as you want. You can even make it as your own reference checklist when reviewing your content. Free for a limited time only.