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About Jonah

Jonah’s ten years of experience as a professional in various industries (non-profit, retail and media) molded her value for productivity, creativity and personalized communication. She regarded these three as important to succeed in any business, including delivery of an inspiring presentation.

Jonah finished a degree in Mass Communication at the Lyceum of the Philippines and then became a radio announcer accredited by the Philippine Broadcasters Association at age 19. This experience led her to love marketing, after seeking advertisers for their station.

As a marketer, her most significant contribution in marketing involves establishing fundraising teams for two international non-profit organizations, Habitat for Humanity and World Vision. Some of the big events she organized were a nationwide campaign with S.M. in 2010 and a conference under Human Nature in 2016. Her online business was also nominated by the National Data Research Services for the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence from 2015 to 2017.

After giving a speech to over 500 overseas Filipinos from across the globe at the Manila Hotel in 2015, she decided to pursue resource speaking as her career path. From managing fellow professionals in her team within the last ten years, she realized the value of effective writing skills in the workplace and in business and specialized in this topic.

As a speaker, Jonah partners with various training companies to deliver Business Writing and Technical Writing workshops. She has delivered seventeen public seminars about and helped almost 300 students last 2016.

As a credible writer, she has:

Published four e-books on Amazon

Created training manuals and business proposals

Written content for several blogs and social media pages

Maintained four personal websites

Managed a professional e-newsletter

Executed copy writing and production for promotional materials

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